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North shore beaches - Waiakalua and Moloa’a beaches

Two of Kauai’s north shore beaches that are absolutely gorgeous include Waiakalua Beach and Moloa’a Beach. The one thing both of these beaches have in common is that although they are beautiful few people know about them and that just makes them all the more special.

Waiakalua Beach
Some individuals simply want to enjoy nature’s beauty without the presence of a whole lot of other tourists and locals, if any. If this sounds like you then you should definitely check out Waiakalua Beach. It does take quite an effort to reach the beach, but when you do you will more than likely be the only person/people there, which makes it even more worthwhile. This beach is practically undisturbed and requires a five or 10-minute hike 160 feet down a steep path.

A long, fringing reef protects this beach and provides for good snorkeling and swimming during calm seas. However, if the surf is up then snorkeling and swimming are out. The sand is medium coarse and feels good to walk on. You will enjoy exploring this beach and encountering the fresh water spring at the end of the beach. The shade trees provide a nice respite from the sun and this truly is paradise for those who like to enjoy the beauty of Kauai practically alone.

Moloa’a Beach
Another beautiful beach is Moloa’a Beach. The swimming here is ok during calm seas, but when the tide is up you won’t want to swim here. If you want the best beach experience at Moloa’a Beach then you will want to hang out on the southeast side rather than the northwest.

Few tourists and locals flock to Moloa’a Beach so it is nice to enjoy the beach without a crowd. In fact, there is no better beach than this one when the sea is calm and it is a sunny day. Getting here is not so bad, either.

Before the 17-mile marker on the main road take the first Ko’olau Road. Follow this road to Moloa’a Road and then follow this road down towards the end. Here you will find the beach access. There is not a lot of parking, but usually there aren’t a lot of visitors so this shouldn’t be a problem. Once you park you will head down the beach 100 yards in order to reach the southeast side. Once you arrive at this point you can enjoy the best the beach has to offer. Sun, shade, boogie boarding, and swimming are the best at this point of Moloa’a Beach. Simply enjoy your day at this beautiful yet quite North Shore Kauai beach.

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