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Kauai’s East Shore Sights: Wailua and Kapa’a Part II

There are plenty of other sights to be seen on Kauai’s East shore in Wailua and Kapa’a. For example, the Kamokila Hawaiian Village is close to Opaeka’a Falls. This village is made up of three acres of private land that has lots of huts on it. You might enjoy looking around for the $5 entrance fee, but if you are on a tight schedule this is one of those things you can definitely skip. If you want to take a canoe trip them there is one that starts here and goes to Secret Falls. It costs $30 per person.

For those of you who like to save as much money as possible and still see outstanding sights on Kauai’s east shore then you should make time for Kauai’s Hindu Monastery. The free tours are only given once a week, but they are certainly worth it. There is an outstanding waterfall here as well as the Wailua River and just seeing the temple is worth it. The stones in the temple are hand carved in India and they take years to reach perfection. The temple is expected to be completed around 2010. You should definitely check it out if you are there.

As you continue your tour of the East Shore you will want to check out the forests and purity of the area. You must travel Waikoko Forest Management Road until it is no longer paved. At this point you can begin the Jungle Hike or else take the Secret Tunnel to the North Shore. Both of these are well worth the time and effort not to mention will surprise you at how pure the area is.

Once you reach Kapa’a you will want to stop and see the Sleeping Giant. He supposedly fell asleep after eating too much at a celebration and has been asleep since. Continue on your path and your tour. Remember that Wailua River is a great way to reach the Fern Grotto and it can be done so for only $15 per person. This is pretty affordable and the trips start from Wailua.

If you are more interested in taking a nice afternoon stroll then consider doing so at Lydgate State Park. The sand is soft and the beach is long so you can walk to your heart’s content. If you want to learn to snorkel then Lydgate State Park is also the place you should go. There is an enclosed “pond” that allows saltwater in but not the tides and waves that can be dangerous.

When you pass the Wailua Golf Course as you are driving toward Lihu’e you may decide to stop and play around. That is if you are a golfer! If not you might want to check out the Nukoli’i Beach, which is in front of the Wailua Golf Course. This beach is a nice place to simply take a break because there are few people here and you can have the beach to yourself!

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