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Kauai East Shore Beaches - Kapa’a Beach Park and Waipouli Beach

Two other beautiful East Shore beaches in Kauai include Kapa’a Beach Park and Waipouli Beach. Read on to find out more about these fabulous beaches.

Kapa’a Beach Park
Locals love Kapa’a Beach Park and are generally there in full force. Because of this the beach is not as clean as you might anticipate from a Kauai beach. It’s really just because there are so many people at the beach that it’s hard to maintain it in a pristine condition. There is some good snorkeling at this beach before the lookout but you should ensure the currents aren’t strong before entering the water.

You might not find this beach all that exciting, however watching the kite surfers on days with strong wind is definitely worth the time and is really interesting. Sunsets and sunrises at this beach are also especially beautiful.

If you decide to visit this beach for the day you will enjoy the full facilities as well as a swimming pool.

Waipouli Beach
If you just want to head to the beach to walk along the sand and enjoy its beauty then Waipouli Beach is the place for you. If you are a runner or simply like to get in some daily exercise then you will truly appreciate the paved trail along the shoreline.

Swimming here is definitely not recommended because of strong currents. You might be able to swim on the southern end of the beach when the tide is low, but you should always pay special attention to the tides and currents. In general this beach is considered treacherous so keep that in mind if you want to get in the water!

You will find that Baby Beach or Fuji Beach, which are just two different names for Waipouli Bach Park, is north of Waipouli Beach. Here swimming and playing in the water is considerably safer. In fact, it’s a good place for kids to enjoy the sea. As long as the tide is low you will find this a great place to enjoy the sun, sand, and the water. When the tide is high, however, the current is a little stronger and this might not be the best time for kids to play in the water.

Before you unload the entire family for a day at this beach make sure that the sand looks pretty clean. A lot of times the beach is clean and in good condition, but its location in the middle of town lends itself to litter unlike some of the other beaches.

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