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Great reasons to visit Kauai
Kauai has many things to offer its visitors. There is a little something for everyone to enjoy on the island whether one wishes to tour, swim, golf or dine.

Guide to Hawaii Luxury Villas
A guide to Hawaii Luxury Villas.

Hawaii Island life
There are so many honeymooners on the Hawaiian islands at any given point it almost seems as if there is no other honeymoon destination in the world. The reason is that Hawaii and all of its islands are simply magical.

Hawaii to Introduce Parking Fee at Select State Parks
The State of Hawaii is planning to introduce parking fees at selected state parks, monuments, and scenic waysides to cover inadequate funding for state parks. Here is where it will affect you on Kauai.

Hawaii, the Aloha State: Part 1
Hawaii has been beautiful since volcanic eruptions beneath the Pacific Ocean created the eight main islands. Lush, exotic flowers, wonderful sugar cane (I've got a sweet tooth!), four different colors of sandy beaches, and active volcanoes. Surfing and, occasionally, snow skiing. Wow, Paradise!

Hawaii, the Aloha State: Part 2
Aloha! As I noted in my first article, there is so much to learn about Hawaii. In this article, I'm going to tell you about what I thought are some Fun Facts about Hawaii.

Hawaii, the Aloha State: Part 3
Aloha! Well, if you've read my first two articles, you might remember that I told you there was Snow Skiing in Hawaii! Hawaii and Snow? Well, it’s true.

Hawaii—Don’t hire a tour guide, explore Hawaii yourself
Dont hire a tour guide on your Hawaiian vacation. This article shows you how to self guide yourself in Kauai, Oahu and Maui.

Honopu Ridge - What a Hike, What a View
One of the best hikes on Kauai is the one that leads to Honopu Ridge. The trail is pretty short, about two miles in total, but it results in a view that is perhaps Kauai’s greatest.

Horseback Riding on Kauai
If you are interested in horseback riding the following companies do a good job.

Information and guide to the Hawaiian Islands
The six main islands will each be described in the following paragraphs to help you get an idea of what the Hawaiian Islands have to offer tourists.

Kauai -The best coffee on the island
I have been living in Kauai for a while and being the coffee aficionado that I am it is obvious that my main goal would be to search out the best coffee shops on the island in order to find the very best one to meet my daily coffee craving.

Kauai Activities
There is so much to do on Kauai that you simply cannot get bored because there is always something new and exciting to do.

Kauai Activities - Boogie Boarding
Boogie boarding on Kauai can be a lot of fun and an affordable activity as well. Just keep in mind the dangers of the ocean and you should have lots of fun Boogie Boarding on Kauai.

Kauai Activities - Things you should include in your itinerary
Check out the ones that are most enticing and place them on your “to see” list. Before you know it you will practically have your vacation days planned before you ever reach Kauai!

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