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Kauai East Shore Beaches - Donkey’s Beach and Kealia Beach
Back in the 1960s locals used mules and burros to haul the seed cane to fields that were close to the beach. Drifters in the area were amused with the sight and dubbed the beach “Donkey Beach.” This beach offers lots of sand and is really popular with surfers.

Kauai East Shore Beaches - Kalapaki Beach and Niumalu Beach Park
If you are looking for East Shore beaches in Kauai where you can enjoy the water and its many activities or else take a kayak out for a tour of a stream then Kalapaki Beach and Niumalu Beach Park are both for you!

Kauai East Shore Beaches - Kapa’a Beach Park and Waipouli Beach
Two other beautiful East Shore beaches in Kauai include Kapa’a Beach Park and Waipouli Beach. Read on to find out more about these fabulous beaches.

Kauai East Shore Beaches - Nukoli’i Beach Park, Hanama’ulu Beach Park and Ninini Beach
Three other East Shore beaches on Kauai include Nukoli’i Beach Park, Hanama’ulu Beach Park and Ninini Beach.

Kauai East Shore Beaches - Wailua Beach and Lydgate State Park
Two other popular beaches on Kauai’s east shore are Wailua Beach and Lydgate State Park. They are popular for completely different reasons, but they both have their fans.

Kauai Fishing - To Fish or Not to Fish
Fishing in Kauai can be great and it can be pretty bad at the same time. It just depends which side of the island you are on and how the ocean is.

Kauai for the Adventurous Family Vacation
A guide to some of the more adventurous outdoor activities in Kauai.

Kauai Hawaii hotspots - Best nightlife venues
When you visit Hawaii you are sure to want to hit the beach and see all there is to see on the beautiful islands that make up Hawaii. However, at night you will want to hit the town and check out the island nightlife.

Kauai is exotic, but movies are still popular
While Kauai offers all kinds of activities, movies are still popular like in the rest of the world. We love to take a trip to the big screen for dates, evenings out with the family, or simply with friends.

Kauai is Fun, But Has its Hazards
Kauai is an outstanding place to visit and most people have unbelievable vacations and are dying to return. However, there are some hazards on the island that can make your trip not so enjoyable and you need to look out for them.

Kauai Island Life - Blog
A personal blog on how I ended up in Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai north shore - Queen's Bath beach
Another one of Kauai’s outstanding north shore beaches is Queen’s Bath. It used to be an obscure treasure that few knew about, but now it’s such a popular beach there are parking lots and signs pointing the way!

Kauai snorkel locations to check out
Kauai has plenty of amazing water activities and snorkeling is one of the most popular. If you are a snorkel fanatic or have never tried before, but would like to, then you will be very pleased with the many locations in Kauai that are amazing for snorkeling.

Kauai Vacation and Travel on a Budget
The best way to find a great deal for your vacation in Kauai starts with airfare and accommodations. You may think you should plan your vacation around the best travel time such as when no local festivals are planned or when the weather is perfect. However, this is mistake number one if you are traveling on a budget.

Kauai Vacation Rental Guide
An article and guide to selecting the perfect Kauai vacation rental.

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