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Luaus in Kauai
Most of the Kauai luaus are rather small and a lot of fun. The show is usually upbeat and fast and the pig is always delicious!

Na Pali Kayak Trip in Kauai
If you are in Kauai during the months of July or August then you must take the Na Pali Kayak Trip. There is so much to sea on the Na Pali Kayak trip that you just can’t miss it.

Ni’ihau SCUBA Dive and ‘Opaeka’a Falls Hike
Information on the Ni’ihau SCUBA Dive and ‘Opaeka’a Falls Hike in Kauai.

North shore beaches - Ha’ena beach park and Tunnels beach
Two other outstanding beaches on the north shore are Ha’ena Beach Park and Tunnels (Makau) Beach. Visitors and locals alike love these beaches and if you continue reading you will find out why!

North shore beaches - Kepuhi, Wainiha, Pu’u Poa, and Kalihiwai beaches
The beautiful beaches of Kauai’s north shore also include Kepuhi Beach, Wainiha Beach Park, Pu’u Poa Beach, and Kalihiwai Beach.

North shore beaches - Ke’e beach
There are so many beautiful beaches in Kauai that it is difficult to name them all! One of the favorite North Shore Beaches is Ke’e Beach.

North shore beaches - Larsen’s, Papa’a Bay, Aliomanu and Anahola beach park
Four other beaches that help make up Kauai’s north shore include Larsen’s Beach, Papa’a Bay, ‘Aliomanu Beach, and Anahola Beach Park.

North shore beaches - Lumaha’i and Kahalahala beaches
Perhaps one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Kauai is Lumaha’i beach. In fact, you have probably seen it multiple times on postcards from Kauai, in posters, on the Internet, or in books, yet you just didn’t know the name!

North shore beaches - Pali Ke Kua
Before you arrive at the gate at Princeville Hotel to head down to Pu’u Poa Beach, about fifty feet before, there is a path that leads to the right by the tennis courts. The path goes down 120 feet or so to Pali Ke Kua Beach.

North shore beaches - SeaLodge and ‘Anini beach park
Two more beautiful beaches that grace the North Shore of Kauai include SeaLodge Beach and ‘Anini Beach Park.

North shore beaches - Secret and Kahili Quarry beaches
If you are into nude sunbathing or simply enjoy nude beaches then Secret Beach is for you. This beach is also known as Kauapea Beach and its secluded location lends it perfectly to the nude tourists and locals who enjoy visiting.

North shore beaches - The Hanalei Bay beaches
Hanalei Bay has four beaches and the beautiful strip of sand that connects them is absolutely gorgeous. This is not the best beach for swimmers and families because of the surf and strong currents, however surfers love the waves here.

North shore beaches - Waiakalua and Moloa’a beaches
Two of Kauai’s north shore beaches that are absolutely gorgeous include Waiakalua Beach and Moloa’a Beach.

North Shore Sights: Ha’ena
As you approach Ha’ena you will notice the green lushness of everything. You will also pass Wainiha Beach Park which is a great place to stop and see what you can find on the beach. You don’t want to go swimming here, but you can find some pretty shells and other things. Just a couple mile markers down you will pass Tunnels Beach which is the place for you if you want to snorkel or SCUBA.

North Shore Sights: Kilauea and Kalihiwai
Kilauea was once a plantation town but now it is more popular for the Kilauea Lighthouse. The lighthouse is alone on a bluff that is Kauai’s most northern point. It was built in 1913 and still stands strong.

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