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The Hawaiian Language
When you visit Kauai on vacation you donít need a Hawaiian phrase book to communicate with the natives because English is widely spoken.

The history of Hawaiian hula dance
When you visit Hawaii, you will certainly see plenty of hula dancing. You should definitely attend festivals or dances so you can see the performing arts of the island and learn about the culture, history and the people of Hawaii.

The history of Kauai - What makes this the best vacation destination
An eruption deep in the ocean resulted in a beautiful set of islands in the Pacific, not to mention amazing coral reefs. One of the beautiful islands that resulted from the eruption is Kauai, which is just one of the Hawaiian islands.

The island life on Kauai will make you want to stay
Consider the following reasons why you can live in Hawaii, be a professional businessman, and still feel as if you are on vacation year round.

The Island Music
People planning a vacation to Kauai rarely consider the beautiful music they will encounter upon arrival. However, the truth of the matter is that traditional Hawaiian music is beautiful in its own tropical, soothing way.

The Kalalua Trail in Kauai
The Kalalua Trail runs along the Na Pali coast for 11 miles and is challenging yet worth every moment and drop of sweat. The trail is narrow and requires passing several different streams, but it is an experience you will never forget.

The Kauai Marathon
The Garden Isle of Kauai held its inaugural marathon in 2009. The race was a big success and is back for 2010 with bigger and better plans. The 2010 race will be held September 6th. The race will start at Po'ipu Beach, wind along the shoreline, head up and through the famous Tree Tunnel and then double back. The Kauai Marathon offers both a half and full marathon.

The majestic island of Kauai - Heaven on Earth
Escape from the hustle and bustle of city life to Kauai a tropical paradise hailed as one of the world's 10 most beautiful islands. Where crystal - clear blue water sweeps across white sandy beaches and thick rain forest tree remains untouched.

The Makaleha Hike is an Adventure for the Expert Hiker
For those expert hikers out there the Makaleha hike is a definite must. The trail follows a bubbling stream and meanders through a beautiful, lush landscape.

The people of Kauai
Believe it or not but the people of Kauai are considered the friendliest of all the Hawaiian islands. And this is not just a claim made by locals to try and increase tourism, it is actually the truth!

The weather in Kauai
Many individuals believe that Kauai has bad weather and that it rains all the time. However, this is not exactly the case. Of course, the rainiest place on earth is on Kauai, but it is located in the central part of the island and not on the coast.

Transportation - Best fuel economy cars of 2006
With the gasoline prices being as high as they are today, individuals are looking for a way to save money on gas. This is being accomplished by finding alternative modes of transportation or looking into the purchase of fuel-efficient automobiles.

Transportation - Great features for your vehicle
Time and technology has brought the car industry some great features that you may want to consider for your next vehicle.

Transportation - Maintaining a car - Part 1
Article and guide on maintaining your car.

Transportation - Maintaining a car - Part 2
Now I'll pass along some other steps you can take to help maintain your vehicle.

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