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Transportation - Prevent car theft
A guide tro preventing car theft.

Transportation - The advantages and disadvantages to driving an SUV
The following article will highlight the positive aspects of SUVs and Jeeps along with some of the noted disadvantages of driving an SUV.

Travel Guide to Kauai
Kauai is a beautiful place that many people simply dream of traveling to, but their dream can become a reality. While Kauai may not be huge in land mass there are so many beautiful things to see that you may have to make more than one trip to see it all!

Traveling to Kauai With Children
Traveling to Kauai is a great vacation for couples and even for families. Some think of Kauai as a romantic destination, which it is, but there are also a lot of child oriented activities as well.

Tubing and Waterskiing Kauai
Two fun water activities in Kauai are tubing and waterskiing.

Vacation in Kauai on a budget
There are some times of the year to travel that are considerably less expensive than others. If you know when to travel and other ways to save money you will be able to have an amazing Kauai vacation on your budget.

West Shore Sights of Kauai
The two most noticeable things about the west shore of Kauai are that the soil appears red while the area is more arid than other parts of the island. You have several treats in store for you on Kauai’s West shore so keep reading to find out what they are!

Whale Watching on Kauai
Of all the things there are to see and do on Kauai one of the most amazing is to whale watch.

What Time Is It In Hawaii
It's easier to plan your vacation in Hawaii when you know what time it is there relative to where you are. In 1967, Hawaii chose not to participate in Daylight Savings Time. Therefore, they do not set their clocks forward an hour in March and then do not move them back one hour in November.

When should you rent a car for your trip to Hawaii?
Travelers have found that sometimes, just before departure, they can find greatly reduced deals on airfare as the airlines try and fill empty seats. In my experience, rental cars do not work this way.

Where to Shop on Kauai’s North Shore
Kauai has lots of outstanding shopping and the following places to shop in the North Shore area will help you narrow down where you want to shop and possibly even what you want to buy!

Windsurfing and Kitesurfing Kauai
Two cool activities you can take part in while on Kauai are windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Wonderful things to see and do in Hawaii
Hawaii is an island that has it all. Sun, sand, surf and everything in between are sure to please all who visit this great vacation destination. There are specific things which are a must see and should definitely be added to one's “to-do list”.

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