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So, you already know that I am not originally from Hawaii and I actually choose to live in heaven on earth. Here is my part one of my story and how I ended up making the islands my home.

 am from North Carolina , which is a beautiful state in its own right from Manteo to Murphy. The mountains are gorgeous as well as the beaches and the Southern hospitality makes even a stranger feel as if he is part of the family within seconds. Not to mention, the food is simply amazing and can't be beat. So, obviously, no other state or place in the world can change my loyalties from the Tar Heel State because it is simply the best, and where I was born not to mention where all my friends and family live. Moving away from my hometown is not even a consideration much less to the capital of Raleigh which is a good 40 minutes down the road. I'm not much on travel or change and prefer to live the country life that is the same day in and day out.

One day, as I picked up my mail, I noticed a wedding invitation for my best friend from college who I had not seen in 5 years. As luck would have it, my college friend was getting married and not in the small country town in North Carolina where she was from, but all the way across the country and part of an ocean in Hawaii! I could not believe what I was reading, how could she be getting married in Hawaii when all her friends and family were in North Carolina? I decided it must be a private wedding and decided to send a gift. However, as luck would have it, the phone rang a day later and guess who? My best friend from college! She was just ringing to see if I would be her maid of honor… yes, her MAID OF HONOR…in Hawaii ! I know, some people would be jumping out of their skin at the excitement, but not me. Was she serious? I mean, I had not seen her in years although we kept in touch online and she out of the blue is getting married and wants me in the wedding. Turns out, she was. I asked who her other bridesmaids were hoping I could back out and someone else could fill in, but, she had in fact decided on a small wedding and I was to be her only attendant. How could I say no?

So, I bought the obligatory bridesmaid dress, bought new clothes and bathing suits for my trip, boarded the plane and headed to Hawaii somehow dreading the whole wedding scenario because I felt I had been manipulated into the situation. However, Hawaii was just a layover away and it was only a week's time so I would soon be back in North Carolina enjoying corn on the cob and fried chicken once again.

As my plane finally landed I could not get over how excited all the people on the plane seemed to be. Everyone was practically bubbling over with plans involving seeing the volcanoes, beaches, helicopter tours, and practically everything else you can imagine. Being from North Carolina and a true beach bum I imagined all of these people must be tourists from the Midwest where there are no beaches and thus the reason for their excitement. I mean, a beach is a beach, right? Water, sand, and sun… they are all the same. Or, so I thought.

Finally, I picked up my bags and started to leave the Kauai airport when I was greeted with the traditional lei greeting of Hawaii . Being a Southerner, I appreciated this welcome and felt an instant connection to the friendly and open people. Then, I headed to the hotel and I have to admit once exiting the airport and driving through the main part of Kauai I was truly stunned by the beauty and the island spirit started to get a hold of me. However, I was simply here for a few days as a favor to a friend and then would be back to my real life and real job. Well, as luck would have it each day preparing for the wedding involved excursions and tours to get to know Hawaii and for the wedding guests to get to know each other as well. Kauai , and the other islands, were simply AMAZING! I truly appreciated the beauty and all the activities were so much fun. When I called home and my Mom asked if I was ready to come yet I surprised even myself when I said, “No!”

And then, as the final days approached I started feeling a sadness I can't explain, but almost homesick, not for North Carolina but for the islands. This might sound strange, but Kauai had had its affect on me and the island had united with my soul in a similar way as my friend had united herself with her husband during the wedding ceremony. I could not imagine leaving at all and this felt very strange to me. However, sometimes destiny has everything under control.

After the wedding ceremony, my friend introduced me to some of her Hawaiian friends where her new husband was originally from. Turns out, one of the friends was the owner of several resorts and condo rentals and was looking for a business manager, my line of work! So, I left the wedding with a job offer and the possibility of a whole new life! That night as I slept I dreamed of my life in Hawaii and could not imagine leaving for even a day, so I had all of my belongings shipped to me so I could start my new job right away and I never left. To this day, I have not had the heart to leave the islands and my family and friends enjoy the opportunity to visit me. There are some places like Hawaii that you just can't leave because you know you won't find anything better because you already have the best.

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