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The beauty of living in Kauai

By now you surely know my story of how I ended up in Kauai and all the reasons why I plan on staying forever. However, you might not be completely convinced of the absolute enchantment that accompanies this island. Really, all you have to do is visit to really understand why Kauai is so amazing and why so many people choose to visit each year. You have probably considered a trip to one of the Hawaiian islands, but since it requires buying plane tickets and making reservations you may have put it off. You know there are many discounts available so if you really tried you could take a vacation to Kauai , but you just aren't convinced as yet. However, I will clue you in on some of my favorite daily activties so you can picture Kauai and maybe finally make up your mind to visit our beautiful island.

Before I moved to Kauai I used to enjoy sleeping in and would hit the snooze button as many times as possible until the moment when I could not lose another minute. However, when I arrived in Kauai this changed and I realized how much I looked forward to waking up in the mornings, not only because of the many things to enjoy on the island, but also for the amazing sunrises. You have never seen a sunrise until you see one in Kauai . You will be taken back and realize that Kauai truly is heaven on earth.

Then, since the weather is always incredibly warm and the sun shines almost 365 days per year, I enjoy a breakfast on my lanai of tropical fruits and Hawaiian grown Kona coffee. There is something about enjoying a meal that is natural and from the area where you are living. Not to mention the health benefits.

After I eat breakfast I get ready for work like everyone, but on my drive to work I have the most scenic views that make driving to work a beautiful experience each and every day. At lunchtime I generally head to the beach and enjoy eating lunch overlooking the water rolling up on the sand and the surfers and sunbathers. I return to work, only to return home by the same scenic route and with the excitement of the night awaiting me.

Finally, with the evening awaiting me I have any number of fabulous restaurants to dine at, or amazing fresh ingredients to cook in my own home. Not to mention the bars, nightclubs, and activities available after dinner. Basically, living here is as if you are always on vacation. This is why you should come to Kauai, if not to live, then to spend a couple of weeks to simply enjoy the beauty of the island.

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