Wailua Bay Vacation Rentals

Checklist and helpful tips for a vacation in Kauai

PACK LIGHTLY, COOL, AND CASUAL. You won't need nylons or neckties. Pants or casual dresses are fine for restaurants. Don't bother with rain gear. Any showers are usually short. You dry off quickly. The rule of packing for Hawaii is: "If in doubt, leave it out!" DO PACK your driver's license, credit card, ATM card, plane tickets, car rental papers, and hotel voucher with driving directions to Wailua Bay View and code for the key box. Bring your Safeway and Blockbuster cards and a calling card if you plan to make long distance calls from the condo. Bring (or buy there) your favorite sunscreen. Insect repellent is smart to have for jungle hikes. Sunglasses and a visor/hat are good items to pack. Don't forget your camera! Please remember NOT to carry scissors, knives, knitting needles, glass bottles, etc. in your carry-on luggage. The airlines are confiscating all of these items. If you need these items at your final destination, please pack them inside your checked luggage.

DAY OF DEPARTURE: You should check-in 2 hours prior to flight time on all flights between the mainland and the Hawaiian Islands. Be sure to ask the agent to check your luggage through to Lihue. We recommend calling your air carrier regarding luggage requirements.

FLIGHT RECONFIRMATIONS: Flight times and numbers often change, especially on the inter-island flights. Please reconfirm directly with the carrier the day before each flight.

ON THE PLANE from the West Coast, turn your watch back for the three-hour time difference, April - October (no daylight savings time in Hawaii), or the two hour difference, October - April. You might want to layer your clothing, so you can adjust for the burst of warm humid air that hits you when you arrive in Hawaii.

AT HONOLULU AIRPORT, if you are on a connecting flight or stopping over, you'll take the Wikiwiki bus to your inter-island gate or you can walk (5-7 minutes). You might be able to board an earlier flight to Kauai. There are restrooms, snack bars, and shops near the gates. If you get on an earlier flight than scheduled, confirm your bags will follow.

THE INTER-ISLAND FLIGHT doesn't have assigned seating, so if you board late, you may not get to sit with your companions. On a warm day, you'll be thankful for the cold juice the flight attendants serve!

AT LIHUE AIRPORT, it doesn't take long to get your luggage (check both carousels and ones lined up on the side). After picking up your luggage, walk across to the Car Rental Booths. Reservations can be made via our Kauai rental cars service. Take the courtesy shuttle to the car reservation office to pick up your car. If you have a long layover in Honolulu, your bags may beat you to Kauai, so check the bags lined up near the carousel.

AT THE CAR RENTAL OFFICE, you may not need the insurance they offer. Your personal car insurance may cover your car insurance needs. Please check with your insurance agent prior to travel. The rate that we have quoted you is the "rental" rate and does not include the taxes or the $3 per day Highway Revenue Surcharge. Opt to fill the gas tank before returning the car. Car rentals are based on a 24-hour clock. The agencies do require a major credit card (not debit). Pick up the free Kauai Drive Magazine; it has maps, driving tips, coupons, and interesting information. Before you drive off the lot, be sure to check the car over for any damage they may try to pin on you upon return of the car. Check also for problems such as squeaky brakes, insect infestations, or accessories that don't work. Avoid the hassle of having to return it. Please allow time to return your car at the airport; we suggest arriving at the airport 120 minutes prior to departure. Wailua Bay also offers discounted Hawaii car rentals.

RETURNING HOME AGRICULTURAL CHECK: It is required that you check-in at the Agricultural Department prior to checking in at the ticket counter when leaving the State of Hawaii to the mainland.

ACCOMMODATIONS, UPKEEP AND CLEANING: Check-in at Wailua Bay View is 3 p.m. and check-out is 10 a.m. We are unable to allow late check-outs. If you are on a late flight out of Lihue, we suggest you book an additional night. There is ONLY a starter supply of soaps and paper items. Interim laundry and general housekeeping items are the responsibility of the guest. Units requiring excessive cleaning will result in additional charges to the guest.

PLEASE LET US KNOW how you enjoyed your trip. We are here to help you have the best possible vacation. Coming back? We offer a 5% returning guest discount. We look forward to your return trip.

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