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Kauai, Hawaii great golf courses

When I moved to Kauai I was not a big golf fan. Sure, I had played a couple rounds, but I never really got the hang of it and the golf courses weren't much to look at either, so I never became a big golf player. As you can imagine my response when asked to play a round of golf with some business partners, not being the biggest golf player in the world, my reaction was not a positive one. However, frequently we do things for work just because it is for work and try and leave our personal feelings behind. Fortunately, this was a great choice for me because I ended up discovering something I never thought I could really enjoy, the game of golf!

The first round of golf was at the Poipu Resort. When we arrived I realized immediately that this was not like the other golf courses I had played in the past. This looked like one of those amazing golf courses you see on TV! It would not be until several weeks later when reading a magazine would I realize that Poipu Resort was ranked among the top 18 golf courses in all of the United States, but at the time of the game I knew somewhere in the back of my mind that this golf course was something special.

When playing Poipu Resort there are natural barriers that exist and are incorporated into the course. For example, a cliff that drops off to the ocean below is just one hazard you should try and avoid, not to mention the cliff that stands tall and makes playing the game even that more challenging. However, the challenge at Poipu Resort is fun and exciting, and mixed with the always shining Hawaiian sun and the sweet breeze in the air I found my passion for golf. Of course, it would have to be at one of the country's top golf courses that is home to the PGA Grand Slam of Golf Event, but nevertheless here I found how great a game golf really is.

Of course, now that I am a golf fanatic I don't always play Poipu Resort because I want to leave some of the tee times to the tourists, but I spread my golfing times around some of the other popular garden island courses. Some of my other favorite courses include the Kiahuna Golf Club, the Puakea Golf Course, not to mention the Kauai 's Lagoon Golf Club. There are plenty of other golf courses you can try your hand at as well, these are just a few of my favorite ones. When you visit Kauai you should play a round of golf to simply enjoy an amazing golf course and an exciting game.

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