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I have lived in Kauai many years and because of this I have many friends and family members take the opportunity to come and visit me every year. As a result, I have really become a great tour guide and a professional on the best places to stay in Kauai. Originally, friends and family members were on their own and chose hotels at their own risk because being new to the island I didn't really know where the best places to stay were. Over time I learned the hotels that were better than others, and that condo and home kauai vacation rentals were significantly better than hotel accommodations.

I know, you are probably thinking that hotels have a lot of perks that condo rentals don't have like concierge services, pools, restaurants and the like and while you are right that most condo rentals don't have restaurants most of them do have pools, optional concierge services, and even in room massages so you won't be missing any of the hotel perks by choosing a condo rental. I did not know the difference between the cost of a hotel or condo rental and it wasn't really on my “to do” list. However, when my entire family, all 7 of them, came down for a surprise birthday party they rented a 4 bedroom condo with an ocean view, kitchen, sitting room, 4 bathrooms, Internet, DVD player, pool, and a host of other amenities. Amazingly, the price of the condo for a week's stay was incredibly affordable and when divided among 8 people it was even more so.

With this information in mind I informed my friends that were planning a vacation soon after my family's. Only two individuals were planning to visit, so I was not sure if a one bedroom condo rental would prove affordable when compared to a hotel. However, it did and offered so many extras you can never get from a hotel. There is just something about having a home away from home where you can easily cook a meal from local ingredients, or eat breakfast at 3 a.m., and have space to enjoy being together as well as alone.

So, if you are planning a trip to the beautiful island of Kauai don't spend hours on the Internet looking for hotels to stay in, instead spend this time looking at the many condo rentals available on Kauai. You will be amazed at the many options, not to mention the amenities, and the amazingly affordable price, especially when compared to hotel rooms. Start looking for condos for rent in Kauai and you will be presented with some budget minded options as well as luxury accommodations as well. Choose the condo rental that best reflects your needs, tastes, and budget and you will be sure to experience a Kauai vacation like no other!

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